Kyohei MIYAIRI (February 7, 1968)

is a lecturer of several universities in Tokyo area of JAPAN. His research interests include Sociology, Popular Culture Studies, and Cultural Studies. He is the author of “LIVE HOUSE BUNKARON” (Live House Culture, 2008) and “J-POP BUNKARON” (J-POP Culture, 2015), the editor of “HAPPYOKAI BUNKARON” (Recital Culture, 2015) , the co-author of “LIVE SCENE YO DOKO E IKU” (Live Scenes, 2011), and the co-editor of "REPORT SOTSURON SAKUSEI JUTSU” (Academic Writing for College Students, 2013). He is also a singe-songwriter. His first book of “live house” was written based on his own experience as a singer-songwriter.



-Rikkyo University
-Kunitachi College of Music
-Kanto Gakuin University

Academic Field
-Popular Culture Studies

-Popular Music Studies
-Cultural Studies

Academic Background
-Tokyo Keizai University (BBA) 1994
-University of Hawaii at Manoa (BA in Sociology) 2003
-Tokyo Keizai University (MA in Communication Studies) 2005
-Tokyo Keizai University (Completed ph.D program without a Dissertation in Communication Studies) 2008

Academic Society
-The International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM)
-The Japanese Association for the Study of Popular Music (JASPM)
-The Kantoh Sociological Society
-Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies


As of March 20, 2021