UPDATES (August 25, 2020)

-"The Sorrows of Young Kurt Cobain"
Proceedings of Kunitachi College of Music vol.54; 165-174, March 2020; Japanese



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-Live Cultue no Kyokasho (Introduction to Live Music Culture)
2019, Seikyusha. single author.


-J-POP Bunkaron (A Thesis for J-POP)
2015. Sairyusha. single author.


-Happyokai Bunkaron (Recital Culture)
Kyohei Miyairi (Ed). 2015. Seikyusha.


-"Bunkakei" Gakusei no Report / Sotsuron Sakusei jutsu (Ways to write papers for college students)
Jun Watanabe and Kyohei Miyairi (Eds). April, 2013. Japanese Association for Contents History Studies.


-Live Scenes (Live Scenes)
Kyohei Miyairi and Umi Sato (co-authored). 2011. Seikyusha.

-Livehouse Bunkaron (Livehouse Culture)
2008. Seikyusha. single author.

-Chikatetsu no Musician (Underground Harmonies by Susie J. Tanembaum)
2009. Asahi Shimbun Publications. single author (translation).


-Leisure Studies (Leisure Studies)

Jun Watanabe (Ed). 2015. Sekaishisosha. co-authored.


-Tsugi no Hon e (To the Next Book)

2014. Kurakudo.


-Communication Studies (Communication Studies)
Jun Watanabe (Ed.). 2010. Sekaishisosha. co-authored.

-Cultural Studies wo Manabu Hito no Tame ni (Cultural Studies by Chris Rojek)
Jun Watanabe and Umi Sato (Translation). 2009. Sekaishisosha. co-authored.

-Jissen Popular Bunka wo Manabu Hito no Tame ni (Popular Culture)
Jun Watanabe and Haruki Ito (Eds). 2005. Sekaishisosha. co-authored.